Sorry we have been slightly quiet, I think all 3 of us have been very busy and have side-tracked from our Disney holiday. I for one felt that all the planning was getting a bit too much, in the past I have always sat down with my mum and thought about how we were going to tackle our Disney holiday but we’ve never had to plan or shall I say I have never had to plan this much!! I love going to Disney and I have to say half of the fun is made by stumbling across rides, shows, parades and shops that I didn’t know existed!

I have seen how some Disney holidayers plan and down to every minute is really not our style. Sarah loves to sleep, I mean really loves to sleep, I am thinking about packing a loud air horn to try and wake her from her slumber, a real life Sleeping Beauty! Caroline & I are morning people, well we prefer to get going rather than to sleep in but we are very partial to a nap or two. Which makes me think it is going to be hard to create a good balance for everyone’s sleeping patterns. Extra hours in the morning I think we can all agree on are a bust for us, we will want to stay up late see the fireworks and experience the rides and shopping at night time. However we do want to see the welcome show and be there for the rope drop! I didn’t think planning would be this hard!

I have read lots of Disney planner’s blogs and watched lots of vlogs but it seemed that our party size and age is a little unique. Obviously there is 3 of us so seats on the rides could get interesting, one of us will have to be a loner, unless Prince Charming wants to ride in which case there is a big space next to me! We’re not children and will not be taking any children so we haven’t had to think about the timings of things i.e. children will get very tired and if you can let them nap. There is nowhere in the parks for us to nap so it means we will either have to leave the park, nap and return or buy some red bull and keep on going same as we would at home.

We upgraded our Disney dining plan, we originally stuck with the free quick service dining plan as we thought it would save us a lot of money. However there were a few table service restaurants that Caroline kept mentioning and when I added up how much we would have spent going to these restaurants it was a damn sight more than the £180 each it was to upgrade. But if you have a car and aren’t so reliant on Disney for your meals I don’t think I would upgrade. There are so many nice restaurants in the USA and they are a lot cheaper than Disney, it would make dining with Mickey so much more magical. Well I think anyway.

So I thought I would just add a little post give an update on how we’re doing, the planning and cost caught us all a bit and life caught up with us. I will be doing some batch cooking to try and save money, crafts and also a blog about my weight journey for Disney later in the week.



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