Saving for Disney

As we may have mentioned we’ve been planning this holiday on quite a tight budget. Since booking the holiday back in June there have been a lot of changes to our lives. Both Caroline and I have moved out of London and Sarah has been redecorating her room with her parents. Moving is extremely expensive and I did think “what have I done?” booking the holiday as it tied up more of my money than I could afford. When we booked we had 308 days to go. This meant that if we saved £150 each month for 10 months we would have enough to pay off the holiday. As we needed to pay the full balance in February it meant that for 3 months we would need to save £200. It was just about doable; I have the largest outgoings on the smallest wage in the group so this really was/is a struggle for me! I did have some savings which meant that I could just save the £150 every month.

I know that some people are happy to put the cost of their holiday on a credit card but for us this wasn’t an option. It is a nicer feeling (well especially for us) knowing that we won’t return to quite a large bill at the end of what should be an amazing trip. But if you want to pay it off that way of course it is an option, just make sure that you don’t end up paying out £££ or $$$ in interest.

I have saved for Disney by cutting out unnecessary purchases; this does include food on our weekly shop. Since moving to Oxford we are no longer limited to Sainsbury’s or Waitrose and we have discovered the wonderful world of discounted supermarkets. Yes I am talking about Lidl and Aldi! I have always been a bit of a food snob but I love a bargain so the thrill of seeing how low we can get our shopping bill each week won me over. Healthy food is usually quite expensive, the value grapes never look as appealing as the basic or standard ones, the prepared fruit is always too much of an easy option and the choice of different brands in supermarkets can often lead to you putting more into your trolley and taking more out of your purse than you had initially planned. We spend on average about £60 a week, Matt loves his beer so often this will include a good few beers and little treats that we find along the way. Saving money on food has been a lot easier than I thought it would have been. I thought that it would be something that we would start but then get fed up off and stroll back to our original choice of supermarket but I am so so glad that over the past month we have stuck it out. We can’t really coupon over here in the UK but we do love a bargain so I am always looking out for one. If I here of any amazing deals I will put up a post to let you all know!

I am hoping to continue this right up to Christmas but we have agreed that we will push the boat out a little bit for some Christmas treats from our supermarket. But hey we might not even want them by the time December comes as saving money may be more important and if it gives me more mickey money than I am all for it! I will do a weekly post about the latest offers that are on, food, gifts, beauty products and household items so please keep reading and hopefully we can all reach the magic with lots of dollars to spare.

T-T-F-N Hayley xx

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