Our Disney Adventure

Caroline, Hayley & Sarah
Caroline, Hayley & Sarah

So why have we started this blog? Well we have been discussing for years that we should go on holiday just us girls to Walt Disney World. We have all been to university and dreamt about the trip whilst working our butts off studying, stacking shelves or selling doughnuts! Once we joined the lovely world of work we realised that it just wasn’t possible on our wages and we would have to keep dreaming for a while.

I have been very lucky with trips to Disney. As I mentioned I have been to Walt Disney World many times, Disneyland in California once, Disneyland Paris multiple times and also Disneyland Hong Kong whilst still at school. My parents have taken me on holiday in my adults years, for my 21st birthday present it was a trip to Florida in December and tickets to Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party. I think for as long as I could speak I have asked to visit Walt Disney World at Christmas so after 21 years of nagging they gave in. It was everything that I could have imagined and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves Disney or Christmas (or both), you simply cannot beat it. We went back to Walt Disney World for my 24th birthday last year this time it was my parents, my boyfriend and I, it was great. Matt (my lovely boyfriend) who had only been to Disneyland Paris really enjoyed it. As soon as I land in London I cannot wait to go back! It really does feel like home. I have wanted to take my two best friends with me for so long so I was thrilled when they finally said “Yes lets book it”.

Sarah has been to Walt Disney World in her childhood, she stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and only has very fond memories of her time at Walt Disney World. Caroline has never been to a Disney Park EVER. I’m sure that she will not mind me telling you that she is beside herself with excitement; I mean crazy levels of excitement! I do not blame her either, although I have been to Walt Disney World several times I haven’t stayed on site! The idea of getting on the Magic Express to our Disney hotel is so exciting to me! I cannot wait to wake up in Walt Disney World every day!

We have already learnt so much from reading other blogs that we have come across on pinterest and watching youtubers. We wanted to create this blog to give everyone an insight to our adventure and to give us an outlet for our excitement! So we are counting down the days, the adventure begins on the 29th of April 2016.