30 Things before 30 – #1 Wimbledon on Finals Day

Hi, hello and welcome to the new series on my blog! I will be turning 30 in 3 years and 1 month and anyone who knows me will know that I am dreading it with a capital D. Instead of worrying about the 3-0 I decided that I would write and try a 30 things before 30 list and tick off as many as possible, and tell you about the things that I have been getting up to on here!

One of things that I have always wanted to do is go to Wimbledon on finals day, the absolute dream would be centre court tickets but isn’t that everyone’s dream? I was more than happy to sit inside the grounds on a hill, with some Pimm’s and strawberries and guess what…. thats exactly what I got to do!

Wimbledon Picture 1

I was extremely lucky as my lovely boyfriend Rob was able to get us some ground tickets and a parking pass. The ground tickets are priced at around £15-£25 per person and a parking pass is around £30 per car, honestly the parking pass was THE best idea. The walk from Wimbledon station to the tennis grounds is about 25 minutes and trust me, in the middle of June when you are all dressed up… not the thing you want to do!

We bought with us some snacks and a picnic blanket but we did also buy some food on property, I mean strawberries at Wimbledon just has to been done right? We heard A LOT of Champagne/Prosecco corks being popped so unfortunately I think we missed a little trick there! We shared a portion of Fish & Chips priced at £7.50 which was surprisingly really good and we definitely didn’t need a portion each. I was treated to a glass (cup) of Pimm’s by Rob so I am unfortunately unsure of the price but I think it was around £6, in return I bought Rob a pint of Stella Artois as they were served in a limited edition Wimbledon plastic glass which he wanted to keep, this was priced at £4.20 per pint.

Wimbledon Picture 2.jpg

We grabbed our snack, got a pitch on the hill and watched the Wimbledon final. It was a really really great day and I would recommend it to anyone 🙂

Stay tuned for my other 29 adventures that I intend to take over the next 3 years, it should be lots of fun!

Hayley xx

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