Preparing for my MRI scan.

Hi everyone! I know this is a little different to our normal posts but I know I was nervous the first time I went for an MRI scan so I thought it might help someone else who is going for a scan.

A brief medical history.

I have had High Blood Pressure for around 10 years, diagnosed when I was 15. They didn’t know what was causing it but I was under the best care at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London. It is called a silent killer as there are no real symptoms but you are at a much higher risk of a heart attack or stroke. It is thought that my blood pressure problems are caused by my Kidneys and recently my blood pressure has been high (readings of around 160/170 over 120/130) even though I am taking my medication. I have been to see my consultant and he has doubled my medication and scheduled me for an MRI Scan & sent me for blood tests (NOT my favourite).

I have had an MRI scan once before when I was around 16 and it wasn’t a pleasant experience, I am claustrophobic so naturally the scans are quite uncomfortable. I had an all over body scan & brain scan this lasted for around an hour.

My mum is my hospital buddy, she has been with me for every single hospital appointment I have ever been to. We have spent so many days in and out of hospitals having different scans, tests, results you name it we’ve done it. I don’t think I could gone through any of this without her, so thank you mum 🙂 and dad!

About the scan

I am having a dye injected and only the lower half of my body scanned focusing on my kidneys, the scan will last for around 40 minutes. 

As it is only the bottom half of me that is being scanned they will put me into the machine feet first which means that my little head will stay out! This puts my mind at rest as even though you cannot move during an MRI scan I know that I will not feel as claustrophobic as last time. MRI scans are REALLY noisy!! Our hospital has suggested that I bring a CD in to put on whilst the scan is taking place, I will be taking one of my Disney CD’s in as this will be a great distraction during the scan.

You can’t wear any make up, jewellery or have anything metal on you. I will also be modelling one of really attractive hospital gowns (yep the ones where everyone can see your underwear!), the hospital has advised that I can bring my own dressing gown with me so I will be doing that for my modesty and comfort. 

I am going to take my camera with me and give it to my mum to try and get some footage of the scan taking place to share with you all. There is no getting round it, it won’t be my most pleasant experience but it is necessary to stay healthy and I hope that by sharing my experience it will help someone who is worried about this procedure.

Have you been for an MRI scan?


Hayley xx

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