Diet for Disney Progress.

Hi everyone,

Just a little update on how my #dietfordisney is going. I have been to slimming world this evening and I stayed the same. To be honest I am disappointed, I have tried hard and concentrated on how many calories I have been having each day. I really want to shift the pounds for our trip and I seem to be chipping away slowly at it which would be amazing if I only had to lose 9 pounds but I don’t I have 31 more to lose.

I have only lost 5 pounds in total which doesn’t seem a lot at all and I desperately want to try and lose at least a stone & a half in total by our Walt Disney World trip. I have been attending slimming world classes every Wednesday but I find the plan quite difficult and inflexible at times so have been counting calories on the my fitness pal app and have linked it with my jawbone up activity monitor. I aim to have around 1300 calories a day maximum. Dinners have been relatively good under 500 calories, some under 350. Breakfast is usually around 150/200 calories, lunch is around 250/300 calories and snacks add up to around 200.

I’m not going to give up, 5 pounds is still a good weight loss and I am definitely going in the right direction! I haven’t caved in on my lent promise at all, not a single biscuit or slice of pizza has passed my lips and I think I will keep it up all the way to our trip that way I think it will protect my weight loss and appreciate the sugar cookies (Caroline is also dying to try these, she saw them on Tom & Sophie’s vlog) and Via Napoli even more!

I hope you are enjoying our journey so far, we reached a massive 300 followers today on Twitter and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who read our blog posts, watch our video’s, follow and interact with us!! We love watching and following all of your journeys and I really feel like we are part of a big disney family! We are so grateful to you all 🙂




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