Easter is coming!


So pancake day is over and lent has now officially begun. It was Caroline who reminded me of lent and explained that it would be a great tool for our weight loss journeys as our trip to Walt Disney World is getting closer & closer. Now Caroline is really going for it and basically giving up everything that is bad focusing on fried food & chocolate as they are her two weaknesses. I am giving up biscuits & pizza.

Pizza is my biggest weakness as it is a true comfort food, cheese, tomatoes, meat, mushrooms, dough, what is not to love?! If Matt & I are feeling lazy and don’t want to cook or we’ve had a bad day and just want to chill together we will always reach for a pizza menu. It is arguably the worst food for you there is no nutritional gain from eating pizza … but it tastes so so good. But it has to stop!! Biscuits are my second weakness, I am a lover of chocolate but I don’t reach for it daily but if a packet of chocolate biscuits is around me they will not last very long. Calorie wise they are terrible an american style cookie is around 300-400 calories! That is a whole meal’s worth of calories in something that will not sustain your hunger no matter how nice it is. So the biscuits have to go! I might be the only person asking for a packet of chocolate digestives from the Easter Bunny & not an egg.

I did think about giving up chocolate all together but if I am honest I do feel like this would be setting myself up to fail. I know I want to lose weight before Disney and if I wasn’t so into my food I’m sure I could just eat salad for 79 days. But this is me and sometimes I just need some chocolate so I am going to majorly cut down the amount that I eat but I can’t give it up all together. I’m sorry I just can’t. Matt…. hide all of our chocolate!

So that is our plan for lent, these next few weeks are going to fly past so fast I just have a feeling!

What are your plans if any for lent?


Hayley xxx


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