Sunshine in the morning Smoothie!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had a chilled out Sunday dreaming about Disney! I have started using my Nutri Ninja Auto IQ making smoothies for breakfast and I thought I would share my smoothie recipe with you!

Hayley’s Sunshine in the morning smoothie!

80g of frozen mango, 130g of frozen pineapple, 1 satsuma (any “easy peeler”), 100ml of coconut milk & 150ml of half sugar (I use tropicana’s) apple juice.

This creates about a glass & a half of smoothie and is 236 calories!

A couple of things that I have learnt from using my Nutri Ninja Auto IQ, although it says it can break down anything. It struggles with frozen fruit! I pulse mine a few times before putting it on the super blend function or I leave the fruit to thaw for around 30 minutes. This is the only recipe I have tried as it is so delicious I have fancied it quite a lot this week!

Have a try and let me know what you think!


Hayley xxx

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