So the results are in! 20-01-2016

So it is safe to say that this week has been a #dietfordisney fail. I have been to slimming world and I can’t believe it but I gained 1/2 a pound. To say I am gutted is an understatement, I know I haven’t eaten amazingly well but I also haven’t been terrible either. I don’t know why this has happened, it is coming up for Mother Nature’s visit and i’ve been really really hungry but I didn’t think that I had eaten enough for a gain.

Well anyway I am disappointed, upset and annoyed but I am still determined to lose weight and be more of a skinny minnie than a hilary hippo (family joke, they all call me a hippo!) for Disney! I have finally unpacked and put out ready to use my Nutri Ninja Auto IQ so I can start my day a bit healthier and hopefully it will give me the inspiration to make it stay that way!

I hope that you will stay with me along this journey 😀


Hayley xxxx

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