What I ate today 19-01-2016

Hello everyone! Today started really badly I woke up with a migraine took 2 tablets, popped a migraine cool ‘n’ soothe patch (I really recommend these if you suffer from migraine’s they are really good) had a sip of energy drink and went back to sleep. When I woke up again I was really groggy so I slumped in front of the TV and munched on a cookie whilst watching “The Duff” so that was breakfast!


I was feeling a bit better so I thought I would make myself a good lunch which did include … surprise surprise… Pasta ‘n’ sauce!! So here is my lunch!



Matt & I were invited to our friends house for dinner and what a dinner it was! The first course was soup which I didn’t take a picture of and have now forgotten the name of it (I’m sorry Charles!) but it was lovely! Our main course was egg curry, Matt, Charles’s sister & Charles all really liked it but i’m sorry (again I have already apologised!) it wasn’t for me.


As it wasn’t to my taste I did have desert which was Apple pie with some creme fraiche! Cheeky I know and I’m not sure how the weigh in will go tomorrow but it was yummy!


Thank you Charles for dinner I’m sorry I didn’t like it!! I am hoping for a positive result tomorrow but I know I have snacked on a few more things than I should have so I will have all fingers & toes crossed for tomorrow!

What did you eat today?


Hayley xxx

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