What I ate today 18-01-2016

Good evening everyone! Today was a semi good day I think, I realised that I ate really badly over the weekend so I was trying to be good today.


I didn’t eat anything for breakfast, I didn’t really know what I wanted and wasn’t hungry. I did have my usual sugar free energy drink. I know some people would think that is terrible but the majority of us reach for some form of caffeine in the morning, coffee or tea usually but as you may not know I can’t have a lot of milk or any usually so I reach for a sugar free energy drink. The struggle to keep my eyes open is REAL.


I was eating lunch at 4:30pm which my sister was horrified at! But I had been to Tesco and M&S still thinking about what I was going to eat to get to help me reach my goal. I am happy to say that it was quite a healthy shop, there was no kale involved and 1 pizza but for me it was healthy.

Exhibit A – The steak slice is for Matt NOT for me!


Anyway my lunch was 2 stuffed mushrooms from M&S and the other Heck! Chicken Italia burger mmm mmm!



I had bought the M&S dine in for £10.00 for Matt & I. We had the Chicken breasts with a lemon & parmesan crust (211 calories per serving) with carrot & swede crush (93 calories per serving) and roasted potatoes (I made them so god knows ,hopefully not that many!). It was very nice thank you M&S!



Now if there ever was a warning against going shopping when you are hungry these would be it.


Even if they are reduced to £1.25 PUT THEM BACK ON THE SHELVES AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. They are 319 calories each which is CRAZY. Are they worth the 319 calories? I don’t think so. This is bad choice M&S, you are officially the gretchen wieners of cookies. Before I go to bed I will have a Cadbury’s options hot chocolate for 39 calories… YOU GO GLEN COCO!

What did you eat today?


Hayley xxxx

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