What I ate today 16-01-2016

Happy Saturday everyone! Today has been a good day! I really want to see a weight loss on the scales on Monday. Anyway enough natter what have I had today?



I fancied a taste of America this morning so I had Cinnabon instant cereal. It is surprisingly light on calories at only 170 per serving and worth every one it is lovely. I may have some tomorrow too!


Ta da! I thought I would put the before and after on here. The Heck chicken italia burgers are extremely low in syn and very nice. If I were to have a similiar meal I think I would do a burger with salsa and some form of salad. Mmm mmm! I also had 3 Thorntons moments, they are 2 syns each.



Sorry for the blurry picture! Matt’s friend Charles was over for dinner so we made a chicken casserole with vegetables & mash! It was nice but as you can probably tell the sauce was quite watery & the mash was instant (not smash, it was an american make and was nice!).



I have discovered the tea above in my cupboard and this one is really nice. I’m not usually a big fan of flavoured teas honestly I do try (it’s more Caroline & Sarah’s thing)! This one is lovely and I can see myself drinking it everyday. I also had some Buffalo wing flavoured pretzel pieces and an options caramel hot chocolate!

What did you eat today?


Hayley xxx


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