What I ate today 15-01-2016

It’s cheat day! Whoop! It didn’t start that way but Matt & I were both just really really hungry today.


It’s a good old favourite! Special K bar & sugar free energy drink. I have made a promise to myself that I will have something different tomorrow, it’s just a lazy day for Matt & I so we might even try out the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ that has been sat in its box all this time!



We were out running a few errands (returning a faulty toaster oh such Friday fun!) and we stopped at Wetherspoon’s for lunch. We both had a BBQ chicken, bacon & cheese panini with chips. It was nice but to be honest we shouldn’t have had chips!



We kept seeing adverts for hungryhouse.co.uk (yes we were watching the big bang theory re-runs!) and both really fancied a takeaway. Matt loves indian food but you can’t have a curry without a Naan bread right?! so we decided on a chinese instead, I know right… a LOT healthier ;)! I opted for a Beef Chow Mein & had 2 of Matt’s battered chicken balls with sweet & sour sauce. And is if this wasn’t enough food already I had a cookie & mini eggs. It is safe to say that I have well and truly over done it today so I will be eating well for the next 4 days and preying for a weight loss!!


What did you eat today?


Hayley xxx

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