What I ate today 14-01-2016

Another good day! Whoop! I feel like I am more determined than ever to get down to my target before Walt Disney World. So what did I eat?


I started my day as usual with a cereal bar & can of now Lidl’s version of sugar free red bull (it is not as nice as Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s!).


These cereal bars are the nicest that I have tried and are included in a HE. They truly are a chocolate delight. I did also have some green grapes as I was still a bit hungry and trying to increase the amount of fruit that I eat.


Another daily dose of Batchelor’s pasta ‘n’sauce today for lunch but with a twist… Tesco’s wafer thin southern fried chicken (not really,it was just lightly flavoured it was 14 calorie’s per slice)! I should add a portion of vegetables to this to fill me up more and stop me from reaching for the chocolate, this will be my next step.


I had 3 Thornton’s moments after lunch and washed it down with a sugar free Cloudy Lemonade.



Now look at this for a healthy dinner! I think it is beyond anyone’s expectations to imagine that I could just have a plate of vegetables or no rice on my plate. Well maybe 1 week before WDW but certainly not now. I had a oyster & spring onion sauce (3 & 1/2 syns per portion) on the veg with chicken and rice mmm mmm.



Ladies and gentlemen… the americans are genius! Pizza flavoured pretzel sticks for 80 calories… yes you heard me 80 calories! I was like a happy piggy in the den (come on now this is a family show!) when eating these they are amazing!

It’s been quiet an unusually hungry day today so I finished with 2 cadbury’s roses before bed!

What have you eaten today?


Hayley xxx

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