So the results are in! 13-01-2016

So you’ve read everything that I have been eating in my attempt to #dietfordisney (let’s make this hashtag happen people!!) and today was weigh in day… drum roll please….


Whoo! Yey! Go me! I wish there were party poppers at the scales to celebrate every time someone has a loss but atlas there is not.

I am very happy with this result as I know I did enjoy a couple of meals out and treats as you’ve seen. I know if I want to see the same result next week or better I need to step it up a little. Today we were sent an amazing present from Tesco to help me and Caroline on our journeys! A George Foreman Fat Reducing Health Grill. We could not be more grateful to Tesco and we cannot wait to use it! I know for sure this will make me want to create all types of dishes for lunch, dinner and even breakfast!!

I leave you tonight with a photograph of my new baby!

If you’ve been weighed how have you done? If not what have you eaten, good or bad I would love to know!!


Hayley xxx


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