What I ate today 12-01-2016

Hello! Today was a good day *jumps around preying for a weight loss tomorrow at weigh in!*… so what did I eat?



Mmm mmm, this counts as a healthy extra and it is YUMMY! I washed this down with my usual can of Tesco’s Sugar Free Blue Spark. These are currently 99p per packet in Tesco and really lovely, I will probably go back and grab a couple more packets before the offer finishes!



Are you seeing a theme?! I’m really not in the “I’m going to cook like Jamie Oliver” mood at the moment so I am grabbing quick and easy things and this today was especially yummy. Just look at it, all cheesey, leeky, hammy and pasta…. mmmmmmmmm. (1 syn on slimming world if using the milk as your HEa!)




I don’t know why the picture is so blurry, something is weird with the file/picture/iphone quality i’m sorry! This is a homemade¬†chicken biryani, using the Schwartz packet mix it is 1 syn per serving. Matt didn’t like this but I thought it was YUMMY and will be having the rest for lunch tomorrow!



Strange how this one isn’t blurry. Well Slimming world people or anyone who may pick this up thinking “ooh this might be nice” STEP AWAY FROM THE YOGURT I REPEAT STEP AWAY FROM THE YOGURT. It is a whole new level of gross and needless to say I didn’t finish it all! What I did have was 2 sesame seed breadsticks (2 syns) with houmous (1 and 1/2 syns), a flump (2 syns) and a Cadbury options caramel hot chocolate (2 & 1/2 syns).

I hope I have done enough to at least lose 1 pound but we will see tomorrow is D day aka weighing day!

What have you eaten today?


Hayley xxx



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