What I ate today 11-01-2016

Hello! Welcome back! Yes I ate too much over the weekend! BUT never mind this is now a new week and I have been good today!


There is no picture as I didn’t actually eat anything for breakfast, I had stomach pains and just was not feeling it. I just had my usual can of Tesco’s sugar free Blue Spark!



Mmmm mm this was a Bird’s Eye BBQ chicken chargrill (3 & 1/2 syns) with Batchelor’s broccoli and cheese and baked mushrooms & tomatoes. I didn’t eat it all as my stomach was feeling pretty sorry for itself but perked itself up enough for a Roses strawberry cream (2 & 1/2 syns).



This was homemade Chilli, Matt made it and kindly put lots of veg in for me. It was quite spicy so I had 1 spoon of reduced fat creme fraiche on the side. This was a slimming world friendly meal so that is a positive!


Not too bad today even if I say myself, maybe it’s because the weekend was bad or I know that weighing day is on Wednesday?! I have had 2 breadsticks with about a teaspoon of reduced fat houmous (not sure on the syns am trying to ignore that!) and 1 pot of Cadbury’s white chocolate mousse (5 syns).


I am happy that my eating habits seem to be moving in the right direction, I just hope it continues all week!

What did you eat today?


Hayley xxx

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