What I ate (yes)today 08-01-2016

(yes)Today was the day when Sarah, Caroline & I all got together.  We live in 3 different cities so it is quite hard to see each other and even harder to plan a complete day/meal out! I’m not happy about the way that I ate yesterday at all to be honest, I started out with the greatest intentions taking green tea for the car & an apple to eat once I had reached London but as you can probably tell where this is going I didn’t follow my plan.


After leaving mums and realising I had left my apple behind we wondered in Sainsbury’s where I just had a complete “sod it” moment.

12499066_10156345005195277_1162226879_oA Billionaire slice… did it taste amazing? Yes. Is it good for a diet? No. Am I glad I am still putting it out here on the blog so that I can actually come to terms that I sabotage my own diet? Yes. (It was sooo good though!)


We had done a bit too much shopping for day and didn’t want to spend any more money, we also didn’t want to grab a proper lunch so we wondered to Starbucks for a sit down chat and a rest. (There was a lot of walking around London & heavy bag carrying!) I didn’t fancy tea or a new coconut milk latte so I asked if they had any of the Christmas drinks still available which they did! I had a grande Eggnog latte, full of calories? Yes. Last one of the season? Yes. I’m not regretting this decision as I know I won’t be drinking any more of them and it really perked us up for the rest of the day!



It is a tradition that when we go for dinner that we go to Wagamama. Sarah & I love the Chicken Katsu Curry but I had a look at the nutritional information and there are over a 1000 calories in the meal. All in all there were not that many meals in Wagamama that were under this, I was shocked. In the future I don’t think we’ll be returning (certainly not before Disney) as there are hardly any options if you are trying to watch calories. I had the one option that was under 700 calories and lets just say I won’t be repeating the experience. I had the Chicken ramen. The chicken was dry (how I do not know as it was in a soup?!) the noodles were tasteless and so was the broth. I tried my best but honestly, if you really are dead set on counting calories stay away from Wagamama and find a restaurant with better low calorie options OR just have the curry/other favourite dish and be at peace with it!

Dinner continued

Needless to say as I didn’t eat much of dinner I was STARVING when I got home so this led to a Chicago Town Pepperoni Pizza & 2 Lindor Truffles. Moral of the story guys – always check a menu’s nutritional value & low calorie options before agreeing on a restaurant OR have the curry & deal with it otherwise you will just eat pizza anyway!

I do feel like I am stuck in a rut with my eating, two years of bad habits are proving difficult to shift. I’m not the biggest fan of eating fruit which is what most people tend to eat for breakfast, so I tend to skip it or eat something that is ok on slimming world but sustainable for life? Probably not. We are going out for dinner tonight, not my suggestion and we are going to a pub. I’ve checked the menu and nothing is diet friendly, the one salad option is a caesar salad *I have an eyebrow raised as I type this, I honestly wish you could see my facial expression*. So I am going to have what I want and just forget about it, I will try and keep my food intake to a minimum today and just enjoy the meal. If anyone has any tips or advice I would love to hear them so please leave a comment 🙂


Hayley xxx

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