What I ate today 06-01-2016

Today was a slightly better day, not perfectly on track but it was a lot better!


I had an Apple Cereal which is similiar to Apple Jacks (my favourite by the way!) it is 130 for 1 cup of cereal and I had a cup and half. Totally against the anti-sugar diet me… honestly, sometimes on reflection it looks like I want to gain weight!!



This is a similiar lunch to yesterdays but in a different flavour. I had the Bachelors Pasta ‘n’ Sauce in Chicken & Mushroom. It’s not my favourite but it was all I had in the cupboard! Calorie wise it is under 250 calories and was washed down with my favourite drink… oh yes and energy drink!



After slimming world I was inspired to go home and cook something super healthy but I was also starving so I tried to make a balanced meal! We had Chicken, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and chirzo cooked in a Maggi so juicy garlic bag. It may not sound delicious but it was, served with rice. Mmm mmm! These cook in sauces/bags are quite low in syn if you are looking for something that is fuss free, quick and delicious! The Maggi so juicy Garlic is 5 and 1/2 syns for the whole packet so split between two it doesn’t take up a lot of your syns (of course meaning that you have more free for chocolate!)!



So here is where I went a bit wrong. In the afternoon I polished off the other half of the Banana Milkshake sweets I had started yesterday, that is around 150 calories! After slimming world and before dinner I was HUNGRY on the borderline of HANGRY so I had some Moroccan Houmous and sesame breadsticks. The houmous is great for calories & syns and tomorrow I will change the breadsticks for carrot sticks. I have had 2 milk chocolate Lindor’s they are 4 syns each and so worth it!


What did you eat today?


Hayley xxx

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