What I ate today 05-01-2016

Ok guys, i’m going to level with you. TODAY WAS A BAD DAY *cries into blanket*. But the reason I started this section of the blog is so that you can follow my journey, the good and the bad! I know that typing this all up and having time to reflect upon it instead of sweeping it under the carpet will in the long run help my journey positively. So without further a do, what did I eat today?!


There is no picture unfortunately as I woke up with a migraine so breakfast consisted of a sugar free energy drink, 2 paracetamols, 2 Lindor chocolates and I went back to sleep with a migraine patch on! Living the dream huh!


This was a bit of random one as I popped to town when I felt a little better and when I came home I was starving (so hungry you’ll see I tucked in and then realised I hadn’t taken a photograph!). I had two potato cakes (93 calories each) with spaghetti hoops (106 calories) and 4 slices of honey roasted wafer thin turkey (8 slices). It was yummy!



Well it was a random one, we have some Tesco Finest smokey garlic burgers left in the fridge so we used those up with wedges, dough balls (last day before slimming world officially starts!) and mushrooms. It was yummy but I know that dinners like this won’t (shouldn’t) appear after slimming world starts.



Today’s snacks are bad ones but I did warn ya! I had 5 (yes I know 5!) more Lindor chocolates *hides of embarrassment*. Interesting fact or warning each Lindor chocolate contains 70 calories, I learnt this AFTER I had eaten them! AND last but not least half a pack of these beauties…


I think it is safe to say that I have a lot to work to do on my diet but I know I will do it eventually! What did you eat today?


Hayley xxx

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