Hayley’s Goodbye to 2015


And good riddance!! It is safe to say that although there have been some high points to 2015 but there have been some really low points too. 2014 didn’t start on the greatest note, I had suffered a breakdown from stress and it was the spiralling start to my battle with depression.

It was a big year for Matt & I as we moved from London (my hometown!) to Oxford. Matt is returning to University to finish his medicine studies and I thought I would come along for the journey too. Moving is stressful. Forget the pictures of happy couples painting walls… this was the 3rd time we’ve moved flat/house in 3 years, its like a military operation with the same level of stress. We couldn’t have done it without my mum and dad, we even moved in with them for a couple of weeks which was a treat for me and shall we say an experience for Matt ;)! We are beginning to settle now in Oxford, its a lot quieter and slower than London and I’m not going to lie I miss London like mad but I am giving Oxford a go. In the new year I am hoping to decorate our house to make it feel a little more like home so stay tuned for my attempt at decorating/making decorations!

Depression has played such a big part of my life this year, a close family member was diagnosed with depression in October of 2014 and I thought that it was not the right time to tell my family about my struggle so I kept quiet for as long as I could. I honestly, hand on heart would not recommend to anyone to do this. Depression can make you feel so low, every time you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom something else happens and you reach depths that you didn’t know were possible. I have spent days at work crying in the toilets, mornings and evenings crying in the shower, sometimes to sleep. Depression isn’t something you should feel ashamed of, it is a condition that so many people suffer from and the help is there for us all but it does take an incredible amount of courage to reach out and get it. Feeling so lonely and so helpless nearly drove me to the edge and I mean the edge until I wrote about my depression and my struggle on this blog. My family read it and came straight to my side. I want to thank everyone who read that post and reached out to me, it meant such a lot to have support. I will continue to document my battle with depression as I know it helps me to write and reading others stories comforts me to know I am not fighting this awful battle alone.

Two amazing things that have happened this year are 1) Booking Walt Disney World with my two best friends and 2) Starting this blog with my two best friends!! Caroline, Sarah & I have been talking/dreaming about a girlie trip to Walt Disney World for so many years and we finally decided to book our dream once in a lifetime trip this June and it has bought us so close together. We love an adventure, we love each other and we love disney… what more could we want! I have dabbled with blogging over a few years but nothing has really stuck but doing this with Caroline & Sarah has been amazing.

I would like to say thank you to everyone and anyone who has read any/all of our blog posts and those who chose to follow us. I cannot tell you how happy it makes us to share our journeys with different aspects of our lives with you and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we like writing. We are starting a youtube channel in 2016 so please follow us along that journey too!

So goodbye 2015, you did bring some laughs but unfortunately it has mainly been lows! Bring on 2016!


Hayley xxx


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