Christmas Crafts.


Hey everyone! Sorry we’ve been quiet, there has been a lot going on and we didn’t want the quality of our content to suffer. However… we are back!! And super super excited for Christmas! As we mentioned we are saving for Disney so we are trying to have a relatively cheap Christmas and Hayley has got a bit more time on her hands now so we are turning to Christmas crafts!

Caroline is a massive Lush fan but Hayley has only really discovered it and Sarah is a take or leave it with lush really. Hayley has bought a Santa bath bomb but is saving it until Christmas eve with hopefully some new primark Christmas PJS and will snuggle with Matt in freezing cold Stoke (Or Caroline in freezing cold Oxford!!)! As confident as we are in our DIY skills we think Bath Bombs are probably best left to the professionals. We have spotted a few Lip scrubs particularly the Christmas ones that have caught our eye… along with their price tag!! According to pinterest they are very easy to make and it looks like great fun, you can customise them to the flavour/colour that you would like! Hayley has a maple flavouring that she has been dying to use and thinks that this would be a great flavour of lip scrub. Because they are so inexpensive they make great little gifts for friends and family of all ages, the young will be impressed with our efforts and we get slightly smoother kisses off of our Auntie/Grannies/oh yes and mum. No mum, Carmex is NOT ENOUGH.

Another thing we would love to try and make is personalised Christmas mugs. This idea also came from pinterest. As much as I love the Starbucks Christmas mugs I just cannot afford there £10-£15 price tag. So we thought it would be a good idea to make our own plus this means we can put a bit of Disney magic as well as a Christmas theme on them too. Even put a grumpy Reindeer on the front for certain members of the family hehehe.

To go alongside the mugs we may try and find some cheapish Christmas themed mugs or glasses and fill them with either hot chocolate sachets with mini marshmallows OR miniatures with a mixer. The latter will be a bit more expensive so we’re sorry friends and family if you are reading this, it could just be hot chocolate for you! We have seen quite a few different variations of Hot Chocolate gifts on pinterest but as there are so many different flavours of Hot Chocolate available here on the UK market cheaply we will be going with a sachet and then we can personalise the accessories to the hot chocolate. Oh yes, hot chocolate is a very serious matter!

Baked goods! As Hayley mentioned in one of our earlier posts we are intending on baking some Christmas goodies and these make great little presents. Buying chocolates at this time of year is nice but I think that handmade baked goods are so much nicer. Hayley’s Dad loves Gingerbread cake & Gingerbread Men so we are going to try and make giant ones for all of our family members. The inspiration for this has come from the giant ones that I have seen in John Lewis but they apparently also come with a giant price tag! They are £5 each! Yes you heard me £5 for a gingerbread men and to be honest what is the chance of buying one and then getting it home and wrapped up in one piece? I would say, well especially for the likes of Hayley pretty slim!  We think our handmade ones will be appreciated even more and taste much better, we will be channeling our inner Delia’s!

So that is it for the planned Christmas crafts but as usual these things never go to plan and we may even find something else that we want to make or bake for our loved ones. Are you planning on making or baking anything for your loved ones?


The Princesses xxx


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  1. charliiandmeg says:

    Awesome post! Yes! An ideas box for my boyfriend hehehe :’) ❤


    1. Thank you!! Oooh you will have to let us know your results! xx

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      1. charliiandmeg says:

        You’re welcome 😀 ❤ it's going well so far haha 😉 ❤ xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. charliiandmeg says:

        Ps how can I follow you? I can’t find the button on your page 😦 xx


      3. I just checked and you are already following us *yey* :)! xx

        Liked by 1 person

      4. charliiandmeg says:

        Wooooooooooooooo thank you!! 😀 ❤ xxx


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