What Mickey means to me.

Me & MickeyMatt was once lightly poking fun at my love for Disney when my dad turned and said “Don’t mess with the mouse, he’s family.” and that couldn’t be more true, it was originally said by Walt “The mouse, he’s family”.

I first met Mickey when I was 8 months old as you will see from the picture above (it’s also featured on my getting to know me post) and it is true to say it was love at first sight. I was very lucky to be taken to Walt Disney World over many years of my childhood and there are pictures of me and Mickey at a lot of stages of my life. It is so amazing to be able to look back on my memories and see how they have nurtured my imagination and love of magic.

As I have grown Mickey has become more important in my love for Disney. He is not only the best mouse any of us will ever know but he is a symbol. To quote Walt “It all started with a mouse”. Failure was just as much a part of Walt’s career as success; he fought to keep Mickey and through that he built the empire with his brother that we all love and I don’t know about you but quite frankly I would be lost without it. Mickey is a comfort to me when things are getting rough or I begin to doubt myself. He makes me realise that as Walt said “It is fun to do the impossible”. He helps the magic I feel inside never die and that is something that I will always hold onto.

I have come across many people who think that my love for Disney is childish; those who simply do not and will never understand. I believe that having an imagination is such a wonderful thing, you are a creator, you are an innovator and you are the magic. For those who think that this is childish or do not appreciate the magic that can be created, only pity them do not ever hide your pixie dust. “The human species, although happily ridiculous at times, is still reaching for the stars.” Walt Disney

What does Mickey mean to you?


Hayley xxx

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