Looking after yourself.

skin-care-1050976_1920.jpgChristmas is such a busy time of year, so many presents to buy, so many Christmas traditions to complete, Christmas baking, and all whilst trying to make it look perfect on Instagram (not us but we know it is important to some of you. We’re just bad photographers!). BUT it is very important to look after yourself. So we have written down a few tips that we thought we would share with you.

  1. Don’t over think Christmas presents. – It is very easy to get swept up with the grand gestures you will see on the TV and the “amazing offers” that you will see in the shops. There is no shame in asking your loved ones for a list. It is much better to buy something that they actually want then to spend a lot of time, worry and usually money (more than needed) trying to find the perfect gift. You can ask everyone for a list, Hayley asks Matt’s family for lists as they do for her, and usually she asks Caroline & Sarah too. If you don’t find the perfect gift or it is out of stock in time for Christmas, breathe, relax and remember that it is only one day and we are all adults. We can wait a little longer if it something we really find or find something else!
  2. Don’t force Christmas Traditions. – Christmas traditions are something that happen naturally. It doesn’t matter if every other blogger/vlogger/friend on Facebook is doing something that you wouldn’t normally do or doesn’t interest you don’t do it to fit in. If your Christmas tradition is watching slasher movies with pizza do it and love it!
  3. Treat yourself but don’t always overeat. – It’s very easy especially if you are always trying to watch what you eat to overeat during the Christmas season. Try to think about how much you are eating before you eat the entire selection box in one go (hey we are not judging, this is tried and tested advice… if you get what we mean!). You won’t feel as bad the next day and I promise it will make the treats “treats”.
  4. Go make up free one a week. – I know we all look great with it on but your skin needs a rest. Christmas parties, Christmas drinks, Office socials, trying out all the new looks takes a toll on your beautiful natural faces. Try going make up free once a week at least to let your skin breathe and you will be glimmering naturally on Christmas Day.
  5. Pamper yourself. – It’s Christmas! Get your nails/hair done if you’re lucky enough to afford it visit a spa for half a day with your girlies or mum. If that is out of your budget arrange a pamper night in with face packs and do each others nails. OR treat yourself to a Christmas bath bomb and sit and enjoy silence for half an hour. You will feel much better.

What do you do to look after yourself during the Christmas season?


The Princesses xxxx

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