Creating the perfect Christmas stocking.

Hello and Happy 2nd week of Blogmas! Starting the week this post is about…


Christmas stockings!!

Christmas stockings have been a part of my Christmases for as long as I could remember. It was the first thing that I would see when I would wake up ridiculously early on Christmas Day (let’s be honest, I only wake up an hour later now!) and it was a great but gentle start to the Christmas mania that would occupy the day.

As I’ve got older it is a tradition that I have wanted to carry on, I have always found little things to wrap up, whether it was shower gel, chocolate or alcoholic miniatures but this year Matt & I have upped our stocking stakes. I think as I am a Christmas planner I will do better, I will find nicer products with better deals and he will be very surprised on Christmas morning. We have agreed that their should be one quite big item in the stocking and this should cost no more than £15, this will hopefully stop the cost of the stocking from spiralling out of control. So what do I think makes the perfect stocking I hear you ask well here we go;

  1. High priced (£15) present. – I think this should be something other than a cd or dvd as they are quite boring and unimaginative presents so try and think out of the box. This doesn’t have to be a tangible present it could be an experience for example if your boyfriend/dad/any male in your life has a beard you could book them an appointment for a wet shave at a fancy barbers in town.
  2. A CD or DVD. – Now I know I just mentioned that these are boring presents but with a £15 price tag you are probably looking at the new releases. SO I think that the CD or DVD chosen should be one that reminds them of a special time. For your boyfriend/girlfriend this could be a film you saw when you were first dating or a cd of songs that reminds you of them. For a friend or family member it could be something that reminds them of a special time in their life. Think long and hard to remember if they have mentioned a film that they loved when they were little.
  3. Bath/Shower item. – When the craziness of Christmas has calmed down it is nice to have something to look forward to using. I personally am not a big fan of baths but if I knew I had a lovely bath bomb it would persuade me to take some time out for myself and enjoy half an hour of Hayley time. (Can you tell I’m hinting yet?!).
  4. Something that they can play with. – Christmas doesn’t really seem like Christmas without something you can play with. I know both Matt & I would love an Apple Watch to play with on Christmas Day but our budgets just do not suit the price tag. So something small and normally relatively silly is great to include in the stocking. I think a card game or small electronic gadget or even a rubix cube is great! Endless fun!
  5. Something that they can wear. – Now over here in the UK we have Primark which makes this task so much easier on the purse! T-shirts, socks, accessories, jewellery are all great with great prices. It will give them something special to wear over the Christmas season without breaking the bank.
  6. Something that they can eat. – Now this is the last one as I don’t know how big your stockings are but mine is quite small and so is my budget! Traditionally stockings contained Clementine’s but they can get a little messy and let’s face it… it’s Christmas… I WANT CHOCOLATE!! I think a great place to find relatively inexpensive small Chocolate gifts is Hotel Chocolat. They have such a wide variety of chocolate available and a lot of it is under £5. To save even more money but to bulk out the stocking, you could buy their favourite selection box and wrap up the chocolates individually!

Do you still do/have a stocking and whats in it? I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments if you would like me to post what has ended up in our stockings.


Hayley xxx

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