Caroline’s Grown Up Christmas List.


Good evening everyone, Hayley has written to Father Christmas so Caroline thought she would share what she would like for Christmas with us too!

Caroline’s Christmas List

  1. GHD V Gold Max Styler

These Straighteners have wider plates which are great for us girls with longer, thicker or like me, curlier hair. It just gets the job done faster and if you’re anything like me it means more time to work on the makeup and making sure my eyebrows match.

  1. A.C Eye Brow in Spiked (for me )

My Eye brow pencil just ran out and I find it difficult enough to do my eyebrows as it is. This pencil for me is a Holy Grail, which is why it’s on my Xmas list. All you need to do is twist it, no sharpener needed and a few YouTube tutorials later my eyebrows look like sisters and not distant relatives.

  1. Samsonite Disney Minnie Iconic 52cm Cabin Suitcase, Black

Now, I haven’t figured out If this is a Children’s suitcase or not, but it’s the cutest thing ever, AND it has a matching rucksack!

Princess and the Frog T-Shirt from

If you didn’t know, princess and the frog is my all time favourite Disney movie. So when I found out about some cute adult apparel I was all for it. They look cute and simple so can be worn with anything. So if someone wants to get me one, be my guest.

  1. Book Vouchers

I love to read, a good romantic novel apocalyptic end of the world saga, I don’t discriminate.

  1. Black Opium by YSL

THIS PERFUME, EUUUGH. My personal favourite scents are flower bomb by Victor and Rolf also Bon Bon by the same geniuses and La Vie est Belle by Lancôme. I love a very sweet flowery strong scent and this perfume is just me in a bottle. So Santa Claus yes please for this one!

  1. Chocolate

I just think it’s a given after 25 years, just hand it over.


  1. Onesie

It’s a tradition in my house for my mum to buy me and my little sister new pyjamas every year for Christmas and these then get worn throughout the whole Christmas period. This year a onesie seems like a good idea? I have seen some cute Disney ones in Primark.

But like Hayley said the one thing I’m looking forward for the most is coming home to spend time with my insane family and mental friends (especially Hayley and Sarah my two chipmunks) .



Love Caroline xx



Sorry for the Late Post, Let’s just say I had a wild Christmas work party… (I feel Terrible L )

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  1. charliiandmeg says:

    Ooh nice list! Get well soon 😉 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. charliiandmeg says:

        You’re welcome 😉 ❤


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