Planned Christmas Baking.

christmas-cookies-1042540_1920.jpgIt’s the 3rd day of Blogmas and like most people we are still in the planning stage of Christmas so we thought we would let Hayley tell you about her Christmas baking plans.

Hi everyone! Now if you check our pinterest you will see that I love to bake, well looking at baking, buying baking kitchen gadgets and eating other people’s baked goods! Every Christmas I’ve said “right I’m going to make *enter amazing baking idea* and I have never got round to it. Working in retail at Christmas is awful. Customers are stressed, rude and sometimes just downright hurtful and with the long hours you put in to make everyone’s Christmas magical you forget about your own. I have thankfully left retail and finally have evenings and weekends to dedicate to Christmas baking, now this is just a plan I know I won’t stick to it but I’m going to my very best to make sure that I do! Once I have made something I will be blogging about it and showing you the finished product! Matt and I are hosting a Christmas lunch this weekend for 20 people (I know, crazy right?! We don’t even own that many plates!!) so I will be testing a few Christmas bakes tonight!

Here is what I plan to bake over the Christmas season:

  • Cinnamon Rolls – now I am a lover of The Pioneer Woman AND cinnamon rolls. Unfortunately in the UK you can’t buy them ready to go into the Oven so I have bought Ree’s book and I am on a mission to make them for my mum and dad!
  • Cinnamon Coated Baked Nuts – noticing a theme here? Yes I love cinnamon, so do most of the people I know so I can’t think of anything nicer than warm cinnamon nuts whilst watching a Christmas film… mmm… *drools*.
  • Florentine’s – I made these a couple of years ago and they were lovely, a bit sticky and I didn’t dip them in chocolate so this year I will play around with the recipe a bit and half dip them in chocolate. Cranberry & White chocolate ones are my favourite!
  • Fudge – My dad is a big fan of fudge so I want to try and make some Christmas themed fudge. He’s a big fan of the classic vanilla fudge though so maybe I could work on Christmas fudge decoration? I mean everyone likes sprinkles right?
  • Gingerbread – Again this is one my Dad loves, so does Matt. I know it will make the house smell lovely and Christmassy, I might even attempt to build a Disney style Gingerbread House (Have you seen it? Make sure you do it’s amazing!!).
  • Mince Pies – This is the first item that is British! I love American food and am addicted to pinterest and food network so usually all my baking dreams are ones in the USA. However I love mince pies all varieties! Iced top, lattice, shortcrust pastry, all butter shortcrust pastry, luxury, basic, citrus flavoured ones, cranberry flavoured ones, puff pastry, ones dusted with icing sugar. I get the feeling that I am now starting to sound like the Bubba of Mince Pies. But I will be attempting to make my own! Not mincemeat, I’ve already missed Delia’s deadline for that but I will be making the pastry, there’s something about adding all that butter…
  • Christmas Cake – I haven’t decided if I will be baking a traditional or modern take of a christmas cake or both! I recently helped my sister with hers and it smelt lovely and probably tastes lovely too but I am very tempted by Nigella’s Chocolate Christmas Cake. Hmm stayed tuned!!

Well that is it for my time being, I feel like I have given myself a lot to do but I need to remember that it is just Matt & I in the house. We do not yet have a family of small tasters or huge amount of friends to invite around all over Christmas so I shouldn’t go overboard otherwise I may end up looking like Comet in the Santa Claus 2!

If you have any baking suggestions or pictures please leave a comment below I would love to hear about them.


Hayley xxx


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