Christmas Traditions


IMG_3109We wanted to write a list of Christmas Traditions for our second post as it would remind us of all the things we love doing at Christmas. They may not be for everyone but this is what we love doing at Christmas.

  • Putting up the Christmas Tree. – Now Hayley is always the first one to have the tree up ready to switch on the lights on the 1st of December. Decorated by her and Matt (sometimes mum and dad too) it may not be of instagram standard but it is up promptly. Sarah is second to come in with the tree with her family spending a weekend decorating it usually on the first weekend of December. And last but not least is Caroline, the tree in Caroline’s household will go up 12 days before Christmas decorated by her sister Kimberley and it is beautiful.
  • Enjoying a(s many as we can) Starbucks Red Cup – Hayley loves an Eggnog latte, Sarah & Caroline are both Hot Chocolate gals. Mmmm we can almost taste them.
  • Shopping for Christmas Wrapping Paper – We’re all suckers for wrapping paper and at Christmas there are so many to chose from. We all try and be organised and only have one type per year but lets face it that would like boring underneath our tree’s so we need as many different types as we can get right?
  • Unofficial Christmas Dinners – We will have a Princess Christmas Dinner but the actual day all 3 of us usually at Hayley’s house and my god we cannot move after we’ve eaten. Until pudding. Then we can just about reach for the spoons.
  • Binge watching Christmas films – We will watch the classics, childhood classics, the new ones and also non Christmas related films. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones all fall under this category. Sofa, onsie, snacks, blanket and films and we are 3 happy girls.
  • Attempting Christmas Baking – I think we would all love to say that we are The Pioneer Woman’s competitors but to be honest we’re not great at baking. Hayley tried to make Florentine’s, they turned out well… until they went in the fridge and got stuck to the plate. Mince pies always come out a little burnt and we run out of time to do the other things we had planned. But we love our Florentine’s in pieces and burnt Mince pies!
  • Being with each other. We try and see each other and speak to each other as much as possible. We love spending time with our families and loved ones. Hayley loves spending time with Matt prancing around the kitchen to Christmas songs, Sarah loves catching up with her friends over cocktails and treating her mum with shopping and Caroline loves spending time with our beloved Kimbo (Caroline’s not so little sister anymore!) and family fighting over the remote and cooking the mac & cheese for Christmas Day!

What are your Christmas traditions?

Lots of love,

The Princesses xxx


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