Our Disney Food adventure.


The thing one that is said by all 3 of us when we talk about disney is “I can’t wait to try *insert food item*”. We have talked about the food, looked at many pictures of the food, pinned lots of advice about the food, and yes drooled over the food. WE LOVE FOOD. As I have been many times before I have some favourite food items however not being on the dining plan and having a limited budget has meant that I haven’t tried all the wonderful foods I have read/heard about on other amazing disney lovers blogs/vlogs. We are really looking forward to dining on site at Disney and we thought we would share our Disney reservation plan (it may change!) with you so here we go;

1st Night;

Chef Mickey’s – Hayley has only been here once, when she was 8 months old and Sarah hasn’t eaten here either. As we land in the afternoon and don’t want to waste a moment of Disney time we thought that this was a good choice for our first night. It’s a buffet so everyone can pick as much or as little food as they want without feeling like we have wasted a meal credit PLUS we get to see Mickey. All 3 of us will probably cry with happiness as he is our number 1 pal! (side note from Hayley – AND this is only a 15 minute walk away from the Magic Kingdom so we could just pop in to say hi to the castle!).

2nd  Night;

Boatwright’s Dining Hall – Caroline is Princess Tiana’s number 1 fan! When she saw this she just squeaked and was so excited Hayley had to wait for 5 minutes for her to calm down and tell her about the restaurant. The food looks amazing and as we’re intending to shop on this day it will be a good end to a non-park day but Caroline can live out her Disney dream. (Hayley – and me, I mean have you seen that Voodoo chicken?! CHICKEN AND WAFFLES AND MAPLE SYRUP!)

3rd Night;

Breakfast – The Crystal Palace. Sarah has very fond memories of this place from her visit quite a few years ago and really wanted to go back. Hayley is also a massive Winnie the Pooh fan (check our instagram @theprincessadventures for proof) so a morning with Winnie himself and his pals is perfect to her. Caroline well we just mentioned “stuffed french toast” and she was drooling Hayley too.

Dinner – Be Our Guest. Hayley watched on this restaurant being built on the youtube imagineering channel and was in awe of what they had achieved. Unfortunately she couldn’t get a reservation on her last visit so was determined to get one or two or three reservations this time. We are all big fans of Beauty and the Beast and this is one restaurant we are definitely looking forward to.

4th Night;

Now this will be a Walt Disney World dining free night. We are planning to spend the day at Universal Studios and Hayley absolutely adores Bubba Gump (All the coconut shrimp fans i’m hearing y’all *she may be from London but yes, this weirdo says y’all*). So as we need to save one of our dining plan meals for the end of our holiday we are going to visit our friend Bubba.

5th  Night;

50’s Prime Time Cafe – When looking drooling over the many menu’s at 50’s Prime Time Cafe we saw the fried chicken and pot pie and before we knew it we had a reservation. We are planning to see Fantasmic that night and it sounded like a great way to fill up before grabbing our seats for the show. We have heard lots of positive things about this restaurant and it’s included in our dining plan so we are giving it a go!

6th Night;

Yak & Yeti – We have heard many of our favourite youtubers mention this restaurant and it sounded like our kinda food so we’ve booked it. Looking at the menu, the deserts look a bit disappointing which makes us wish that we could choose a starter (appetizer) instead of desert but I’m sure we will unhappily wolf down that Mango pie!

7th Night;

The Garden Grill – Hayley had never heard of a “family style” buffet before we started looking at the options on our Disney dining plan but it sounds great. Even though it hasn’t been mentioned by our favourite youtubers or bloggers it has got rave reviews when we have searched for it on pinterest. Plus Mickey, Chip & Dale are there! What more could we ask for, food & Mickey! We are all happy.

8th Night;

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. This is one of Sarah’s choices, when we went away and thought about where we would like to eat this was one of the first restaurants Sarah mentioned. It looks cool and the menu seems quite diverse and unlike some of the restaurants the deserts sound AMAZING!

9th Night;

Ohana – If there is one restaurant that we have heard a lot about it is Ohana. All of the food sounds incredible, especially the desert. We have got a table reserved for around 7:50 so hopefully we will be able to get a great view of wishes in the background whilst we eat. We have read that there is a good cocktail bar in the Polynesian hotel too so Sarah was especially happy to eat here!

10th Night;

Rainforest Cafe – We found out that this is actually Mothers Day in America and originally we had planned to go to Be Our Guest but couldn’t get a reservation time to suit us. As we have penciled this in as a shopping day we didn’t mind not going into one of the parks to eat and the menu looked really good. We all have childhood memories of the Rainforest Cafe in London so we think it will be great. Plus think of all the shops that are nearby!!

11th Night;

Be Our Guest – We are planning to spend this day outside of Disney in Universal Studios but we did want to make the most of our dining plan so we are heading back and heading into Belle’s world once again. The reservation is quite a late one so we will probably skip the parade/wishes and head to some rides after our meal!

12, 13 & 14th Nights;

We haven’t made any more reservations for our trip as to be honest we simply do not know what we will like/not like and there weren’t anymore Disney restaurants that really caught our eyes. As we are a party of purely adults we can wait for a late reservation or if we want to try somewhere for breakfast or lunch we may do that. If you have any tips or have noticed that we haven’t listed one of your top restaurants please write in the comments below as we would love some tips and advice.

Our Last Day;

Now this makes us sad to even think about it but Hayley took the reins a bit with this one. She has never eaten at Cinderella’s Royal Table as it has been too expensive and to be honest if we weren’t on the dining plan I doubt we would do it as it is SO expensive. BUT we don’t know if we are going to get this opportunity again and we have saved one of our table service restaurants as this takes up 2 of the allowance on the dining plan. We fly back at around 3pm so will need to be at Orlando International airport at around 1pm. We don’t really have enough time to properly enjoy time in the park so we thought that our last disney adventure in the castle would put a great ending to our Disney holiday.

A massive thank you and well done if you stuck with us through our enormous plan! I know that we are super excited about some of the quick service restaurants and snacks so we will write a few posts about those as well. We would love to hear your experiences of the restaurants that we have booked and any tips you may have some please write in the comments below 🙂


The Princesses xxx


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