Dealing with judgements.


It is fair to say that since I have turned 25 I care less about what others think of me. I am me, I’m not a terrible person and yes I am most of the time a massive goof. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling judged by those who I come into contact with in my daily life. I have always said that I am a bit like mold, that I tend to grow on people and it’s true. There is a quote which I think has become more apparent in my old age “If only closed minds came with closed mouths”. In an ideal world everyone would think before they speak but as we all know we don’t! It’s not always as easy to shake the judgements off so here 3 handy ways of dealing with them;

  1. Ask yourself are you happy? For example; you have just bought a new outfit, something that isn’t your usual style. Are you happy with it? If the answer is yes than you need to completely forget about what others may say. There will always ┬ábe those who think that they are the next Anna Wintour and most of the time they are only saying negative things to make themselves feel better. You ROCK that outfit because guess what? Haters will always hate!!
  2. Ask yourself why do you care about their opinion? For example; if you are feeling judged by someone who is very close to you i.e. your parents or friends or even partner you are bound to care what they think and be upset by their judgements. Try to speak to them and explain how you are feeling, if they all don’t like your new haircut and you love it them tell them to keep their opinions to themselves. BUT if it something a bit more serious for instance a life change, talk it out with them. Those closest to us usually only have our best intentions at heart and don’t ever mean to upset us intentionally. If it is someone who has no right to judge you or force their opinion onto you. Well ignore them, they want a rise and by not even acknowledging their opinion you are giving them no fun at all.
  3. Ask yourself, does their opinion change your own opinion? For example; you really like the dress but your friend doesn’t? Does that change your opinion of it? If no than great go ahead and grab that dress and proudly hang in your wardrobe! If yes, have a think about why? Are they just hating because they can’t afford to buy it or are they trying to prevent you from a fashion faux pas of the year?

Being judged is never ever a nice situation, you aren’t over-sensitive and you definitely are not in the wrong. Sometimes others think that you should be more concerned with how they see you as apposed to how you see yourself. BUT what matters most is your happiness so to quote Taylor “shake it off” *does happy dance*



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