Depression & Spending, how it can spiral out of control.

It is Christmas coming up which is when the majority of us empty of pockets for presents and treats for loved ones. But let’s be honest, we do always treat ourselves too don’t we? I’m going to be quite honest in this blog so you may want to get a cup of tea with whiskey and find a nice comfortable spot to sit and have a good old read.

I have been suffering from stress and depression for nearly a year and I have become very aware of the symptoms/side effects that this can cause. When you’re feeling down and want to make yourself feel better what do you do? Think about it and tell me your answer below in the comments. Most people I ask tell me that they go shopping/eat some chocolate/go for a meal/see friends. When you’re down, you look for something or someone to cheer you up and I think that you will agree that wondering around the shops and finding that must have item or 20 items makes you feel better. Unfortunately when you’re suffering from depression and even if you aren’t this is only a short term solution; you are always looking for the next thing that will make you feel better and some purchases don’t even make it out of the bag before you’ve moved onto the next one. I know that I have done this on multiple occasions and have seen and read that it has affected a lot of people. Now I know some people may think “my god what a tragedy you buy too much stuff?” I know it may sound silly but the number on your bank/credit card balance becomes irrelevant as it climbs down/up it is only a problem if your card is declined which then turns your attention to other coping mechanisms.

I have managed to stop myself just in the nick of time. As you know we are going to Walt Disney World in the summer but I do have this money saved and thankfully this means that I know once we have been I can start to repay my debts. It is a hard lesson to learn but it will not be one that you forget. I believe that it is very easy to get caught up in the “every blogger is raving about this product but I don’t have it” but it’s ok. Show us what you do have, it might make a good change to those who can’t afford the high end or even quite highly priced high street make up/clothing/accessories/even food brands and even to those who can because you have to remember that everybody LOVES a bargain!

If you haven’t been able to stop yourself before it is too late, don’t sit worrying by yourself. Even if you aren’t suffering with depression if you have debt it can be a really stressful time especially over Christmas. Tell someone. I promise it will make you feel better and you will not feel so lonely on the issue. These things happen. Debt advice charities exist because a lot of people get caught up in financial problems at some point in their lives. If you feel that you need help to get a plan together I definitely recommend a visit to one of them. You will not be judged but helped, supported and put back on the right track.

I know this isn’t our usual happy happy post but life sometimes is REALLY tough and honestly we get it, the struggle to save for Walt Disney is REAL. For all of us, not just me! Please comment below if you are suffering from depression or have overcome the illness/have a problem with debt or again have overcome it, it would be lovely to hear your stories and be able to support one another.


Hayley xxx

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