Christmas Calories…

Mmmm mince pies!
Mmmm mince pies!

As you may know I really want to shift a LOT of the extra weight that I have gained in the last 2 years in time for our trip to Walt Disney World in April (169 days!!). But there seems to be lot of things leading me off my diet trail this season. Now I know that some people may think “why bother it’s Christmas?!” but I know that if I allow that mentality to kick in I will find myself rolling into the parks in April and I will be so disappointed in myself.

SO in light of this, I have come up with a plan! I have made a list of all my favourite Christmas treats and I how often I can have one in the run up to Christmas! This way I won’t feel like I am missing out on anything but I am not over over indulging. See what I did there? Still justifying indulging! I thought that there may be others like me who are struggling beating their bulge but don’t want to miss out on any treats so I thought I would share my plan with you. I know that Caroline has her own plan for her weight loss journey and is planning to share some tips on here too soon.

Right down to it!

The Plan.


Starbucks Eggnog Latte – Tall 351 calories, Grande 460 calories, Venti 560 calories.

Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte- Tall 275 calories, Grande 342 calories, Venti 417 calories.

These are my two favourite Christmas drinks, I have to admit I do have a slight intolerance to milk so I have to limit the amount that I can consume so it seems like the perfect Saturday or midweek treat to keep me going. I will only allow myself 1 drink per week during November and 2 in December. However I will NEVER allow myself for the sake of my waist line and my poor tummy to have a venti, yes I nearly fell off my chair too when I saw the calories in those drinks. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Sweet treats;

Mince Pies – average 300 calories.

Cadbury Chocolate Cake Assortments – 125/150 calories

Maltesers Merryteaser Reindeer – 156 calories

Quality Street/Roses/Heroes – Absolutely no idea how many calories but too many is dangerous!

Chocolate i.e. advent calendar chocolate. – 50 calories.

Any other chocolate Christmas related items.

So I know it is a bit vague but I sat thinking about what it is that we eat around Christmas time. I am a big fan of mince pies and it wouldn’t be Christmas without them. I am going to limit myself to one per week throughout the whole of November and until the final week leading up to Christmas. These are addictive and full of calories so I don’t want to over indulge on these at all but still I want my Christmas fix. Cadbury release cakes for any seasonal celebration and Christmas isn’t ANY different. I love these things in fact my whole family does and my new colleague. They aren’t as calorific so I am going to allow myself 2 per week as they give a good balance of chocolate & cake for when a clementine just isn’t Christmassy enough. All of the chocolate products that I have mentioned I am going to limit to 1 per day. I know that some of you may think that this is a lot and unnecessary but if I limited it anymore I know I would fall off the wagon hook, line and sinker and you would find me in the bottom of a Lindt Lindor box surrounded by wrappers.


Cheese – This can only be bad!

Crackers – 100/200 per serving

Crisps – 200/300/400/oh god I’ve eaten the whole bag

Dips for crisps – 200/300 per serving

Butter – DON’T EVEN ASK.

I have a very sweet tooth so usually I can pass up on crisps or savoury items without too much of a problem. But at Christmas all the amazing speciality cheeses appear in the aisles and Matt is a big lover of cheese and biscuits (partly a northern thing I think) and they always end up in my trolley and also in my fridge. Screaming my name. So do the biscuits. And the butter. I am only allowing myself to eat cheese, biscuits & butter on the week leading up to Christmas. I love settling in with cheese & biscuits and watching Christmas films but as my intolerance to diary comes into play I do not want to become ill all over December. The last week before Christmas it is! Crisps & dips I will limit myself to once a week, they make their appearance typically on a Sunday afternoon when I’ve done the shopping and am enjoying a sandwich in front of the telly. WHO doesn’t like Bacon & Maple flavoured crisps they are amazing.

So I will probably update this with how well this plan is working if it at all. Please comment how you are planning to survive all the wonderful Christmas food that we are so lucky to have below as I would love to hear and share your journeys.


Hayley xxx

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