Hayley’s November Wish List

Hayley's November Wishlist

I have been wondering for a while how all the amazing bloggers that I like create their wish lists, yes I have been a green eyed wish list monster. I tried to create my own but I don’t have any sophisticated software on my mac as it is new (and also a present!). This evening I stumbled across what I now feel is a god send website; http://www.polyvore.com (imagine a church choir and organ singing Aahhh hallelujah Aaahh hallelujah in the background). On this website you can create your own wish list and it provides you with the images and links to the products so quick disclaimer all images that you see in this post have come from http://www.polyvore.com and are NOT mine.

Let’s get started! On my first wish list it had to contain beauty products and OF COURSE disney themed things. I am planning to do a blog of all my disney things it will be one looong blog. I have been going to Walt Disney World since I was 9 months old and still have some of the original merchandise from that trip and the many trips of my childhood so there will be a big collection. However it is a collection that is growing and will continue to grow.

Disney themed items;

The Minnie Mouse shapes water bottle I am trying to cut out my main vice in life; Red Bull and I doing so by replacing it with Squash. Now I need a decent bottle to carry this squash to and from work and I couldn’t think of a better way to carry it; Disney style! The Ariel Vans would be perfect to add to my collection, I do own the Winnie the Pooh & Belle vans and love them so so much but I think I have room in my wardrobe for one more pair… or two ;). A Winnie the Pooh Cosmetic Bag is definitely on my Christmas list. I saw this and it really was love at first sight, it would be a welcome addition to my handbag.

Beauty items;

I have been looking for a good eyeshadow primer for a while and Caroline loves the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion so I thought that I would add it to my wish list just incase Santa is looking! From one primer to the next I don’t currently use a primer as a base as I haven’t found one that does the trick but I would like to give Benefit’s stay flawless 15 hour primer a try. The bottle is so cute too! I have been eyeing up Urban Decay’s revolution lip gloss for quite some time in my favourite department store and was thrilled to see this set! I do hope Santa is looking at this post 😉

That’s all for tonight but I am sure you will see many more wish lists from me and maybe Caroline!


Hayley xxx

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