Hayley’s October Beauty Favourites. (Grab a drink it’s a long one!)

Look at those beauties!
Look at those beauties!

So I have seen lots of people do a monthly post of their favourite beauty products and I have loved reading them and popping out to buy the pieces I think would work for me so I have decided to do my own in the hope that it will be helpful for someone else.

Keeping the maine mained!

So I will start with my discovery of the Aussie Winter Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner. I am usually a completely loyal L’oreal Elvive gal and my hair loved that shampoo but my purse thought otherwise. I know it’s not the most expensive shampoo & conditioner out there by any means but if not on offer £8 for the set is a bit more than I could afford. So I swapped for Garnier Ultimate Blend in “The Marvellous Transformer”, it smelt lovely but within a couple of days it made my hair really dry and to be honest gross. I was really disappointed as i had heard so many positive things about this shampoo & conditioner. So I wanted to get a good conditioning hair team and noticed that the Aussie Winter Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner was on offer at half price in Superdrug FOR THE WIN! It was around £2.50-£2.95 per bottle which I am sure you will know is an absolute steal for this hair care range and it is worth every penny and more. It smells incredible, so incredible I now find excuses to wash my hair! It has made my hair so soft and shiny honestly I feel that this is the real Miracle transformer. I have already repeat purchased the bottles as obviously it is such a great deal at the moment. I would definitely definitely recommend them, I have also purchased the intense conditioning treatment but I am yet to try this, I will upload my review once I’ve tried it.

Things for my face!

I heard so much about Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing water and the travel size bottle was only £1 in Boots so I thought I would give it a go. It does take a bit of scrubbing to get my eye make up off but it is really gentle, my foundation/concealer etc are quickly removed and it leaves my skin feeling really fresh. I used to use makeup wipes which yes I know are the devil but they are quick, easy and inexpensive but I have changed my ways since discovering this little bottle and have ordered the bigger one from feelunique.

I think my teenage years skin has crept up on me, from 13 to 18 I had lovely, pimple free, fresh skin and then I hit 18 and bam! Blackheads, pimples, random redness it was all up on my face. Luckily I have never experience severe acne and my heart goes out to anyone who does as skin imperfections in this “perfect” world that we now live in are awful. I have used a lot of skin/spot treatments over the years to try and clear my face up and i’ve come to realisation that nothing is going to make my skin look flawless and completely clear because that is just not normal. Even my mum occasionally gets pimples and she is over 50! The product I have been using this month is the Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub & Mask. It helps to clean off all the dirt, grime and dead skin cells at the end of a long working day and if I feel that I need a more intense skin cleanse I can leave it on for up to 3 (although I do 5, come on don’t judge) minutes and then wash it off. It has quite a cool, spa scent so it makes me feel relaxed when I put it on, like I have done some good to my skin. I think it around £3 to £5 depending on if it is on offer but I would definitely recommend if you have problem skin and also you are on a budget as it does have the mask and scrub option in the same bottle.

So to my absolute favourite thing this month… drum roll please… it is the Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense Riche Nutri-Reconstituting Cream 50ml. This stuff is AMAZING. My skin was so dry it would crack and flake all make up leaving me crusty it was just NOT a good look. Until I found this little pot of miracles! I have tried many different types of moisturiser and none have worked as well as this. It is a very thick creamy moisturiser so you don’t need a lot of it but oh boy does it make you skin feel super hydrated and soft! I purchased it from feelunique when they were having a sale so I paid around £11 instead of £16 but still I would definitely pay the £16 as I think there are moisturisers out there priced a lot higher and not half as effective. FAVOURITE FACE CREAM EVER!!

Looking Beautiful

So this month has been a bit busy in my make up draw and way way way too expensive for me to continue every month. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on cosmetics this month and quite frankly maybe it needs to stop. However I do love my purchases, some more than others which is why they have made this post! Starting with an applicator for makeup I have discovered the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which I am guessing is a cheaper/their own version of the Beauty Blender. This is the first of this sponge type that I have purchased and it was another one of those “oh its on 3 for 2… go on then” (seriously they are dangerous!) offers in Superdrug. It was in a multipack of 2 which I hadn’t seen anywhere else and didn’t know existed 2 for £7.99 I think is a pretty sweet deal as they are £5.99 on their own usually. I applied my foundation with the special brush as usual but I used the sponge to blend in my concealer, it worked so well and the coverage I got as a result was amazing. I am sold and will be repeat purchasing!

Speaking of my foundation, I did push the boat out this month and I bought the bareMinerals Bareskin foundation. Initially I bought the test set for £29 in Debenhams (with a £25 voucher from work… thank you Oxford!) as it contains the brush which is anywhere up to £25 to purchase on its own (CRAZY MONEY IN MY EYES). I wear quite a light shade which surprised me as I thought I have an olive skin tone, apparently not, maybe this is where I have been going wrong all these years! I wear 03 Linen now the foundation gives you a base coverage and acts a highlighter so if you don’t like the shiny/dewy look this one isn’t for you and I am uncertain if I will be taking it to WDW as I know I will be sweaty and shiny on my own accord so I don’t think I will need any additional help.

Going from the expensive to the very non expensive ranges I have discovered in superdrug. I stumbled across Makeup Revolution London and their eyeshadow pallets. You get a whopping 32 colour eye shadows in these for only £8! I only bought their “flawless” pallet with a mixture of pink/purple/rose gold glitter & matt colours as I wanted something subtle but still Hayley for work at first. But I was so impressed with the pigment and stay of the colours that I went back to superdrug and purchased the “Beyond flawless”pallet which has a mixture of gold/brown glitter & matt but I am yet to try these colours, I will at the weekend. If you want me to put a picture of the colours included in the pallet or the effect I created using them please comment below and I will show you :).

My last discovery in superdrug (I was really lured into the 3 for 2 can you tell?) were the “I heart makeup” blushing hearts blushes. I initially picked up the “Peachy Keen Heart” which gives a really nice glow and slight pink colour to my cheeks, I will probably use this one for everyday use and probably when in WDW as I know I will be quite naturally flushed (being hot and seeing mickey obvs!). I did want to try quite a pink blush as it is something I have shied away from in the past but I went back and purchased the “Bursting with love” and my gosh it is beautiful such a lovely pink colour. I will save it for when I am going out though as I prefer a more natural look (which is normally no make up at all) day to day! These were £4.00 and I would say more then worth every penny.

Last but certainly not least I have kept going with the NYX “Matte Finish setting spray” and I am pleased to say that it does hold my make up, so much so it rejected my migraine patch! I wouldn’t say that you could go from day to night without a touch up of maybe foundation but you could definitely use it for everyday use. It held my makeup well and I will be repurchasing. It was £7.00 purchased from feelunique and in comparison to a lot of setting sprays very reasonable.

Well that is it for my October Beauty Favourites, I hope that you have enjoyed it and maybe steered you away or to any products that have been on your mind. Any comments, requests, or questions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you 🙂


Hayley xxx

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