Hitting 180 Days!

180 Day's Dance!
180 Day’s Dance!

OMG! It is finally here and we are dancing like Mickey! Hitting 180 days to go is such a milestone, when we booked our Disney World holiday we had 309 days to go. God that feels such a long time, a lot longer than I thought at the time! We were counting it down as we knew that we could book the majority of our reservations from that point. One thing I might point out though as I woke up very early to book them online is that this is only available from 7am Orlando time! Which worked out to about 11am here in the UK. It was Caroline who had noticed this and calmed me down when I was having a “why can’t we book anything” panic! SO if booking from the UK it’s ok, don’t panic, from 11am onwards everything will be right with the world. Well the disney planning world!

So choosing restaurants was actually really hard, we are there for 14 nights and wanted to make sure that we got to go to the restaurants that we have read so much about but still making sure we got a good mixture of food. All of us absolutely love food and naturally want to try all the different types of food that WDW has on offer. I last visited WDW last year and really wanted to visit Be Our Guest but my parents weren’t too keen on the price and we left it too late to get a reservation so I definitely wanted to make sure that scheduled it in for at least one dinner/lunch. We originally had the free Quick Service Dining Plan as included in our package (we booked directly through Disney) but Caroline & Sarah kept mentioning the different table service restaurants that they wanted to go to so I phoned and asked how much it would be to upgrade our plan. It was £190 and we knew that we would easily eat up to that value on our holiday and it would make our experience a lot more enjoyable so we did it! (YEY Ohana and bread pudding for me!)

So where have we booked so far?

I will do this in order of our days at Disney;

Chef Mickey’s, Boatwright’s Dining Hall, Be Our Guest, 50’s Prime Time Cafe, Yak & Yeti, The Garden Grill, ‘Ohana, Rainforest Cafe & Be Our Guest again. We do still have quite a few days to book up, I know Sarah really wants to go to the crystal palace and so do I. I love winnie the pooh as you will see from my next post about Disney vans etc. The reservations I have made are all for Dinner at the moment as we thought that this would be getting the most out of our disney dining plan. Dinner is the most expensive meal to buy inside the parks and we would like to use our quick service for lunch or breakfast. I would really love a buffet breakfast so I will discuss with the girls if this is something that they would like to do too and ultimately it will affect our budgets and spending money.

It has been so exciting hitting 180 days as it has made our trip a bit more real and has made us feel a bit more in control of our holiday. We are so so excited and literally CANNOT wait to board the flight to Orlando! We would really appreciate and love some tips on the best places to eat and when so please comment below 🙂


Hayley xxx

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