A pretty bit of disney.

So I like having lots of Disney artwork around the house, but I cannot afford the Disney price tag when I’ve been to florida. As I mentioned before and if you have visited my pinterest page you will see that I love pictures of Disney animation that you don’t often see. This is usually not drawn/painted/put together by Disney artists but I love it, it is so nice to view characters in different ways. Anyway I have spent my evening creating a new piece of Disney art for my home, I used a frame that the lovely Sarah had bought me for Christmas (like 2 years ago… this is how bad I am at making a house a home) and pictures from my 365 day disney animation calendar from last year. 

It started like this; my frame, my calendar and scissors!



Then I had the task of sorting through all of the photographs, this took quite some time and was really hard as I love all the pictures! I wanted it to have a theme not just random Disney pictures, at first I was going for Princesses but they wouldn’t fit in the frame so I am going to find quite a pretty frame in TK Maxx, Home Sense or Poundland and complete that soon. I’m hoping eventually to have a nice dressing area in our bedroom and I would love the dresser to have pictures of the Disney Princesses. Anyway where was I, yes finding photographs! So I decided I would go with a Mickey theme as they would look the most impressive/professional in the frame and well I love Mickey Mouse who doesn’t!

So many pictures...
So many pictures…
half way through!
half way through!


So I found a way to stop them from moving… sticky tape! Once I had one picture in the perfect position I stuck it down and continued doing this until they were all in place.

Trying to position them.
Positioning them.
Ah ha! Sticky tape.
Ah ha! Sticky tape!

I then placed the polystyrene heart that came with the frame on top for extra protection and secured the back of the frame and taa daa one finished Mickey art frame!

Lots of Mickey love!
Lots of Mickey love!

I hope you like my creation, if you have any requests or want to share your homemade Disney work please comment below 🙂


Hayley xxx

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