Body Blues

I think this fork may actually help! When we booked WDW Caroline & I thought “right we really need to start shifting this weight”. I have gained about 2 and half stone over the last two years and now am around 11stone 10ish, the biggest I have ever been and to be honest I’m not happy being this size. I have always struggled with my weight, being bullied in school and called fat for most of my teenage years made me finally just stop eating in year 11 but that didn’t stop them, I was a size 4 and weighed barely 7 stone yet those SOB’s still called me fat. So I have always had a very weird view of my body no matter what size I was I have always thought I was fat. There is nothing wrong in my view with being a little chubby, my parents have always leaned towards the chubby side of things and now even Matt has got a little chubby (all those nights in watching TV stuffing our faces with junk, but that’s love right?).

HOWEVER I do not want to look back at my pictures at WDW with my two best friends and think “oh god I look huge.” I do not wish to be a size 14, or 12 or even 10 I would like to be an 8. But that is not going to happen shy of a miracle as I LOVE FOOD. Any kind, any day, any time. I have always had a passion for cooking it doesn’t always taste good but I try! If you check out my pinterest you will see a LOT of food boards and pins, I love pinterest if I could keep only 1 thing from the internet it would be pinterest. I am hoping that my love and interest in food will help me on my journey to lose the excess weight that I’m carrying around with me! I was a Slimming World member but to be honest I just wasn’t getting on with the plan anymore, it wasn’t flexible enough. But I know it does work especially with the moral support you get from the groups, yes like AA for fat people!

I know Caroline is trying to lose weight too as we both want to look our best and also we want to be able to wear nice shorts, dresses without having to worry about chub rub! Come on now, you all know it happens! Well Sarah won’t as she is already a skinny Minnie. We do try and support each other but lately it just seems like there has been more and more of those “I can’t be bothered” days. In my head I am thinking “I have 6 months to lose it” but I know that if I don’t do something sharpish it will be here before we know it and I will be blending in with Ursula in the pictures.

If you have any tips or ideas or want to share your journey/battle (like me)/ story please leave a comment below as it is harder than most people would think to lose weight.


Hayley xx

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