Testing a couple of things out.

Time for a change...Good evening/morning!

Well my idea of getting an early night has gone so well…not! I was too busy faffing around with my new purchases. I’ve been battling really dry and sore skin on my face since I moved from London to Oxford. Oxford is in a valley and is very windy all of the time, I do try and protect my face from the wind but it is virtually impossible up here. My main problem is that when I apply make up it cracks awfully and I weirdly look better without foundation then with. Yey for a bare face ney as I have just purchased bareMinerals bareskin liquid foundation, I have managed to wear it a couple of times and I love love love the coverage. It also seems to highlight my face which is amazing as I haven’t attempted to contour yet although I have a new smashbox pallet to try out. By the way ALL of the products that I buy are generally on offer/on sale/discounted. I would love to say that the £65 price tag of the contouring kit would be no problem but nope not for me; it was on offer in Boots half price at £30 plus they were running a “spend £30 get an extra 10% off” deal which meant that the pallet was £27 WIN!

Anyway sorry I got distracted, yes back to my dry winter face. I do a lot of shopping at feelunique.com and they were running a skincare promotion so I read a few reviews on a really good moisturiser and purchased a La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense Riche Nutri-Reconstituting Cream 50ml at the grand price of £11.05 not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive. I was really looking forward to trying this as I really want to play around with make up this season without looking gross. I have cleansed my face and opened my new cream it smells AMAZING and is quite a thick cream. I have applied and am currently hoping that the miracles that have been promised will take place over night!

I also ordered a few products from the NYX range which is new to feelunique.com I got the NYX Make Up Setting Spray 60ml 01 Matte Finish, NYX Baked Shadow in 08 Mademoiselle & NYX Baked Shadow 3g 31 Chance. Although the bottle was smaller than I was expecting I guess it is a good trial size and for the price of £7.00 I can’t really complain. I’m excited to try these out over the next couple of days and I will take a few photographs to show you and maybe if i am feeling brave record a video and upload it to our youtube channel which is a little bit empty at the moment. I also ordered two lipsticks but I have been sent the incorrect shades, really annoyed to be honest but I have emailed them and I hope that we will be able to sort out the problem soon!

Right that is it for tonight, I shall catch some beauty sleep in order for the miracles to take place 😉 If you have any tips for helping with dry skin or any questions please comment below and I will do my best to help or love you forever for your help!



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