Saving !Saving! Saving!

As Hayley was saying in the previous post, saving is such an important part of any trip. When you go on a holiday it is a nice feeling to be able to know that you have enough money saved up to buy whatever you want, eat whatever you want and do whatever pleases you.

Its better to save in increments and spread the load over many months so it doesn’t hurt the bank balance as much. However if you have the money to pay in one go then go for it J.

So, when we decided that we were going to Disney I made an excel spreadsheet so that I could keep check on how much I needed to save and which months I needed to put money in a separate account for Disney.

As you can see by my example below a simple excel spreadsheet can really keep you on track when you are on a Budget.

So Yh, my one major saving technique would be a spread sheet and a little Disney will Power x

Caroline's Spreadsheet

T-T-F-N Caroline xx

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