Getting to know Caroline

A little Snippet about moi.

So I’ll just put it out there, I am in no way shape or form as much as a Disney lover as Miss Hayley, however since I can remember I have always been a fan of the Disney movies. Toy story was the movie that started it all (and yes I may have shed a tear or two in TS3), closely followed by Beauty and the Beast, 101 Dalmatians and also the aristocrats and more lately Princess and the frog .

I see myself as a ‘silent’ Disney fan, one that loves Disney but has never been, but that’s all going to change in April 2016 and I cannot wait!!! This experience is truly going to be amazing, both my girlies have been before and what they have told me just excites me to no end. In this blog I shall be sharing what I have found during my escapades of the Disney web while trying to organise this trip, and hopefully can give anyone out there some clues on where to start and the best places to visit for information.

Also you can look forward to some organisational tips, some arts and crafts (basically laugh at my attempts to Blue Peter some Disney ears) and also my weightloss journey from heffalump size to something more along the lines of one of the Princesses.

I hope you enjoy all these blog posts and I look forward to reading and responding to any comments.

Signing off ,


Caroline x

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